The number of spam emails that request payment and say they are from JAKO-O has increased.
These emails are not from us! Please do not open the email attachment, and delete the email.
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Do you have any questions for JAKO-O? Take a look at our FAQs first to see if you can find a quick answer to your question:

  1. FAQ

    Questions about the Shop

    What is the new shipping flat rate?

    The new shipping flat rate, Item No. 910-031, costs 9.95 EUR and requires a minimum order value of 20 EUR per order, and it only applies to Germany and Austria.

    It applies for 365 days from receipt of order confirmation. If you are paying by prepayment, the flat rate will only become available upon receipt of your payment.

    Tips for ordering: Please login with your customer number and date of birth or email and password. The shipping charge will be deducted from your invoice.

    Do you still have a personal customer discount?

    Yes, we still have this, as follows:

    • for collective purchasers
    • for special families (twins/triplets etc., families with 4 children or more, and families with a disabled child).

    Discounts cannot be combined.

    In principle, we exclude all coupons, seminars and book price-controlled items from discounts, as well as products from the following brands: Puky and UlfBo (Theo Tours).

    How do the search filter "size" and "color" work?

    You can filter the list by product sizes and colors. It will then display only products in the selected size and/or color.

    Where can I find the gifts table?

    The gifts table no longer exists. This function was prone to a lot of errors. We could not justify rebuilding this function, because not enough customers used the gift tables, unfortunately.

    Where can I find the Forum and Second Hand Bazaar?

    You can find the Forum and the Second Hand Bazaar on the navigation bar on www.forum.jako-o.de

  2. Questions about Orders

    I want to add something else onto an existing order. Is that possible?
    This is only possible if your order has not yet been processed or if it is a back order, as we would receive part of your order in our warehouses at a later time than the original items. Please ask us about it by phone!

    I pressed submit on my order before I meant to! What now?
    If you fill out a new order and submit it because you placed the order too quickly, then that will count as a new order, and it will incur new shipping charges. Please call us! We are happy to check if we can add items to your first order, which would save you money on shipping charges.

    Why Can't Qiéro! and JAKO-O Orders Be Shipped Together?
    Qiéro! is a JAKO-O sister company, but it does not belong to JAKO-O. It has a separate warehouse and a separate everything else "to do with it".

    Can I Order FIT-Z Products at JAKO-O?
    Yes! Almost all products from the FIT-Z range can also be found in the JAKO-O Shop. You can use www.jako-o.de  to order JAKO-O and FIT-Z products at the same time, and just pay for the European-wide shipping charges just once!

  3. Internet Ordering Questions

    What is PayPal?

    PayPal is an online payment service that allows you to pay securely, easily and quickly. PayPal accounts are free. Your bank or credit card details are only stored by PayPal. Therefore, they are not sent over the Internet every time you make an online purchase. This makes PayPal payments more secure. And: You can pay easily with just two clicks. In addition, you will usually receive the goods faster, as PayPal payments arrive quickly. The seller can then send the goods immediately.

    Besides: PayPal is very popular among buyers and sellers. One in three online buyers in Germany already has a PayPal account. PayPal operates over 175 million accounts in 190 countries.

    Create a free PayPal account and link it with your bank account or credit card - then your next purchase at JAKO-O will be even easier! For more information about PayPal please visit www.paypal.de or www.paypal.com

    Why do I need a password to make credit card payments? What should I do if I cannot remember it?

    We use "Verified by Visa" and "MasterCard SecureCode". This service protects you against unauthorized transactions and offers comprehensive security when shopping online. The payment process using your Visa card will only be executed once you enter your personal password. If you haven't set up a password yet, or if you have forgotten it, then you will need to contact your bank!

    I'd like to pay by Direct Debit. How does it work?

    Please have your IBAN and BIC ready when ordering. These can be found on your account statement or debit card, for example.

    Why can't I see the discount on my online order (e.g. collective customer discount, twins/triplets, etc. discount, large family discount)?

    Go to the online shop, click on "Enter Address", then sign in using your customer number and date of birth or email address and password. (If the login does not work, please contact us by phone.) The discount will be directly deducted from the value of the goods in the last step of the order. If you still do not see the discount, please check whether you have selected discounted products that are not eligible for further discounts.

    In principle, we exclude all already discounted items (e.g. sets, such as the Body Set), coupons, seminars and book price-controlled items from discounts, as well as products from the following brands: Puky and UlfBo (Theo Tours).

  4. Questions about the Catalog

    Why does the Catalog open in a new window when I click on it, but I can't see any catalog pages to browse through?

    The catalog requires Flash player version 8 or higher. You can download and install the latest version of Flash Player for free at the following link get.adobe.com/de/flashplayer/

    Why can I see items in the catalog, but when I'm interested in one and I click on it, nothing happens?

    The requested product page is a pop-up window. Please disable your pop-up blocker or allow pop-ups from www.jako-o.de and jakoo.blaetterkatalog.de.

  5. Questions about Replacement Parts and Repair Services

    Do I also get JAKO-O replacement parts?

    Yes. Call our Customer Service Center. They will be happy to answer your questions about replacement parts, as well as repairs for products purchased from JAKO-O!

    We have a product that we purchased from JAKO-O, but unfortunately it is now broken. Does JAKO-O provide a repair service?

    Yes. In this case, please contact our Customer Service Center. They will be happy to answer your questions about repairs for products purchased from JAKO-O!

  6. Questions about Redeeming Vouchers

    How do I redeem a gift voucher?

    Our gift vouchers have a monetary value. You can redeem the coupon in our online shop, or you can redeem it by phone, email or fax by telling us the voucher number. We will then deduct this from your invoice.

    To redeem any remaining balance, please record the balance and keep the voucher reference safe. Re-enter the voucher number against your next order.

    You can even redeem online coupons in our stores.

  7. Questions about Delivery

    I live in Germany and I'd like the package to be delivered to a different address abroad. Why can't I do that?

    The billing address and delivery address must be in the same country for (current) tax reasons. We ask for your understanding in this regard.

    I'd like to place an order with JAKO-O. What are the delivery times?

    See the online store for delivery information for each item. Immediately deliverable items are usually delivered in 8-10 workdays. If we need more time, we will state this clearly. In general, the following applies: Please order in advance during vacation periods and public holidays. Delivery times using a carrier are about 4-6 weeks.

  8. Questions about Discounts

    I received a bargain discount offer through the newsletter and I order on a collective basis. Can I Combine Two Discounts?

    No. It is not possible to combine discounts. The same discount applies to families with more than 4 children, families with twins/triplets, etc., families with disabled children, and collective purchasers.

    Can I give my twins discount to my mother so she can buy something for the kids?

    No. Discounts are non-transferable.

    In principle, we exclude all coupons, seminars and book price-controlled items from discounts, as well as products from the following brands: Puky and UlfBo (Theo Tours).

  9. Other Questions

    How is the Shipping Surcharge Calculated?

    It does not apply to Germany nor Austria. Furniture and bulky items are delivered via a carrier or parcel service. The standard shipping and packing fee of 4.95 EUR applies in this case, too. The following applies to the rest of the EU: We will delivery big and bulky items via carrier if the recipient assumes the carrier costs.

    Is there a furniture assembly service?

    Unfortunately we cannot offer this service at present.

    Do you have rental boxes yet?

    Unfortunately, we are not taking any more reservations this year for birthday rental boxes.

    I ordered a catalog. When will it arrive?

    Currently it can take up to 14 days. But you can now browse through our online catalog.

  10. Suggestions & Feedback

    In order to answer questions about orders, invoices and returns, please provide us with your customer number or your full address. Thank you!

    We are always happy to answer your questions quickly and reliably. Germany: 09564 / 929 11 12
    Or by email: eu-kontakt@jako-o.com

    Austria: 00 8 00/22 44 88 00
    (toll-free from Austrian landlines, charges may vary from cell phones) or by email: service@jako-o.at