10 year warranty on JAKO-O furniture

As a first purchaser of new furniture with the warranty symbol, you will be given a warranty totalling 10 years on the material and surface quality, functional reliability and appropriate processing of the models.

Easily returned!

If things don’t work out, e.g. because a pair of trousers just doesn’t fit, you can return your order within 14 days. You don’t have to give a reason for the return.

Spare Parts Service

Spare parts for our products are usually not available on the market - but we have them!

A "new life" for JAKO-O products

When children "grow out" of their clothes and toys, it is a shame about all of the lovely things that could actually still be of use... You can advertise products for sale in our second hand bazaar at www.jako-o.de, free of charge and improve the family finances.

> to Secondhand Bazaar

Furniture to your door service

We deliver items that are identified with a "package elephant" at our normal flat-rate for postage and packaging, i.e. with no extra delivery costs.