Cleverly designed products

The range of products for children on offer is endless – but parents’ time isn’t.
That’s why we at JAKO-O filter through beforehand: Which dishes are truly robust? Which toys survive our children’s bedroom tests? Which fabrics don’t give up even after the 100th wash? And which cuts are comfortable to play in and easy for children to put on themselves? This is how we create clever products that you won’t find anywhere else: ingeniously designed and crammed full of parents’ ideas, clever customer tips and heaps of passion.
In our production we look for a balance between durability, optimum function and a fair price, as well as responsibility towards the health of our children and the environment. Our goal is for 50% of the textile articles we sell to be bluesign-certified by 2018 – this is the strictest sustainability label in the textile industry.

Our sustainable fashion

Fashion that makes everyone happy – we take this to mean fashion that is sustainable in many respects: JAKO-O children’s fashion is produced from high-quality fabrics that last a long time and meet the needs of children’s sensitive skin. It also has cuts that are extra-comfortable, ensuring well-being and encouraging motor skills. This is the only way that an item of clothing will become a child’s favorite, which they’ll love to wear for a long time thanks to our double sizes. And the clothes will still look as good as new afterwards, so that younger siblings or neighbors’ children will be happy to get the chance to wear them too. In fact we are often told that our products sell for good prices at children’s bazaars

Our toys

Lovingly thought-out – produced exclusively for JAKO-O. Our fabric and plastic articles are produced by a small number of selected suppliers who, among other things, are certified in accordance with the ICTI code, and manufacture to the BSCI standard. We regularly visit these suppliers, to test and monitor the individual materials in their unprocessed state in Germany. Unfortunately, many of our articles can’t be produced in Germany for cost reasons – but wherever this is possible, we do it. All wooden toys from our sister company HABA, for example, are manufactured at our Bad Rodach site from PEFC-certified wood. This is good for the environment and good for the Upper Franconia region.

Our practical everyday helpers

At home or while out and about, for a quick shop or while travelling – it’s always good to have cleverly designed helpers that let you playfully stay on top of the situation. You have to be able to rely on these 100%, especially when things get stressful and irritating. Based on our experience with our own children, we’ve developed products for potentially stressful situations such as school, children’s parties and car journeys. And we know: only products that are really impressive are actually used – everything else ends up in the trash. This is why, with our practical family helpers, we also attach great importance to quality and durability, to optimum function and form alike. Because only things that appeal to the eyes are taken to the heart – both for children and parents!

Our family-friendly children’s media

Visual or acoustic environmental pollution caused by commercial children’s products that are made without love? Not at JAKO-O. Children’s media must be attractive and appeal to children’s natural intelligence in an age-appropriate way. It needs to be fun and create good spirits, without a fuss or din. In short: it must be so good that the whole family can enjoy it. Even on car journeys that last for hours. Because so much children’s media does not live up to our demands, we make it ourselves. We work in partnership with children’s authors, songwriters and illustrators on ideas and concepts, and on bringing these to life.

Our growing furniture

Furnishing a children’s bedroom with high-quality products is expensive. Re-furnishing it over and over again because inferior-quality products are soon broken or become unappealing, or because the child’s taste changes – that can cost a small fortune. Plus it adds to the mountain of trash. In addition, if chemical substances are used this both has a negative impact on the quality of life in the children’s bedroom and also harms the environment. We require our furniture to be timelessly beautiful and last for a long time. Ideally, children’s bedroom furniture, with a growing bed, height-adjustable desk and expandable bookshelf, can one day move with them to their student accommodation.
We also pay attention to sustainability in our production: that’s why our solid wood and birch plywood furniture is made at our Bad Rodach site from domestic wood grown in sustainable forestry. Our water-based stains and varnishes are solvent-free. We offer an all-inclusive service for furniture delivery and assembly. Plus we give a 10-year guarantee on JAKO-O furniture.