Our repair service

Repairing something is better (and more environmentally friendly!) than just throwing it out. If a product that you bought from us breaks, please contact our customer service center. We will pull out all the stops to make sure that your product is as good as new. With our own products we will of course do this ourselves; with products from other manufacturers we will contact our trusted supplier.

Our spare parts service

Have the "ravages of time" taken a toll on part of a product or did the vacuum cleaner suck something up? You can find a lot of spare parts listed with the respective products in our online shop. In other cases please contact our customer service center. We are also happy to ask our suppliers for spare parts, so that you can enjoy our products for longer.

Returns? Very simple!

Something doesn't "fit"? Whether it's "too small", "too big" or you "just don't like it", you can send your order back within 14 days without any cost, risk, or statement of reasons. Please follow our guidelines so that everything runs smoothly.

Our dirt & stain removal tips

The dirt & stain removal tips from our own quality assurance department let you know which stain on which material should be treated with what.