<br> <br> <br>“Thinking ahead. Thinking of the future for our children. We take this responsibility seriously. That’s why sustainability is a key factor when we select our products, materials and suppliers. Because we all want our children to have a good future.” <br> <br>

Bettina Peetz

Happy children

Happy children (generally) have happy parents! Even though our number one priority is to make families happy with fantastic products, we know there’s much more to genuine childhood happiness than this! Children’s zoos and children’s hotels delight the whole family. Family conferences and educational studies deliver valuable insights into school and raising children. The family magazine “wirbelwind” reports on a well-rounded family life. And we make children happy in Burkina Faso as well!

Cleverly designed products

Our JAKO-O products are lovingly designed, functional and keep their promises virtually forever! Whether clothes, toys or furniture – we believe there’s nothing that can’t be a bit better than “normal”. This is how we created many of our clever products, such as the growing bodysuit, dummy rabbit, wheelie bag and our ingenious furniture system “Rudi”.

Environmentally aware!

“Buy it cheap, buy it twice.” That might be good for our turnover, but it’s bad for your family purse, and for the environment too. Instead of adding to the mountain of trash, we believe in sustainable “hand-me-down quality”: put through the paces by our in-house Quality Assurance department and external laboratories, sustainably produced and awarded, among other things, the global bluesign quality seal.

Who we are

Find out more about the people behind our fantastic products, their workplaces and their work philosophy: virtually or on a guided tour of our sustainable company building. Would you like to be part of the HABA family of companies? You can find our vacancies here.