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2 swim trainers = swim learning system
At the beginning it helps to "carry" the baby in the water, later it learns the "frog swimming movement". Recommended by children's doctors and midwives, as babies thereby have the ideal swimming position and can be advanced independently. Made of robust plastic, with 5 inflatable chambers. Is fixed in place with an inflatable non-slip safety belt. The rapid fastener on the back can be adjusted variably. Sizes: 1 (red: 3 mths-4 yrs or. 6-18kg), 2 (orange: 2-6 yrs or 15-30kg), 3 (yellow: 4-8 years or 20-36kg)
Age from: 3 months
Inflatable: Yes
Material: Polyvinyl chloride (Film/foil)
Item number: 599612


Warning! Will not protect against drowning! Use only under competent supervision!

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