Wax burner stand

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Amazing: new light from old candles!
Old wax and candle stumps can be found in any household. The melting fire "eats them up" in a green and cost-effective way. Simply place the candle stump on the side of the melting pan, melt it with the burner and recycle it to make new "fuel". The wonderfully soft light of the garden lantern won't even get blown out in strong wind. Old wicks don't need to be thrown away, because they sink to the base of the pan and can't catch fire. They don't need to be cleaned either. It couldn't be any easier! High quality and made by hand in Germany. Melting pan made from natural ceramic; the top edge only heats up slightly - ideal for transport. Burner made from aluminium - sucks the wax up from underneath. Long-lasting wick that won't burn away. Made from fibreglass. Incl. 1kg paraffin for first filling. H 14cm, Ø 21cm. Lid (please order separately) for extinguishing the flame and for protection against rain, snow and dirt, Ø 22 x H 1.5cm.
Diameter: 30 cm
Height: 60 cm
Material: Metal
Item number: 701685
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